Coil coating process


Coil coating is an automated process in which a coated material – pigments, resins or primers – is put on a rolled metal strips.This method make sheets, plates and coil more resistant to corrosion and weather, gives them particular proprieties and  improves the aesthetic appeal of the product. (more…)

Aluminium Treatments


Aluminium’s properties can be exalted by different treatments that make this material more resistant to corrosion and UV.In addition, some treatments are essential for the application of certain coatings like hydrophilic or hygroscopic lacquer. The latter is ideal for the manufacture of energy recovery rotors, while hydrophilic lacquer is perfect for the manufacture of alu fins in the HVAC-R industry. (more…)

Prepainted aluminum


Prepainted aluminum has the same lightness, ductility and malleability of bare aluminium, in addition it has a greater aesthetic impact. Aluminium is chemically degreased and pre-treated to guarantee the perfect adhesion of coating, an absolute surface cleanliness and absence of odour. This product can be used in different markets: food, beverage and pharmaceutical, but also automotive, building and interior design. (more…)

Insulated and traditional sandwich panels


Sandwich Panels are made by three parts: two rigid surfaces and an inner insulating layer. They are widely used in the industrial sector thanks to their properties and characteristics: rigidity, speed of installation, durability, weather resistance. In addition, these products are not only exceptionally strong but also lightweight. Compared to traditional panels, insulated panels have greater thermal and sound insulation.


Lacquered aluminium: uses and applications


Lacquered aluminium can be used in different industrial applications. Aluminium can be coated with a variety of substances to increase its durability to prevent corrosion and oxidation. Thanks to its properties – thermal conductivity, versatility, workability and lightness – aluminium can be used in many fields. (more…)

How to Improve Aluminum Performance Using Surface Treatments

Aluminum is one of the most used metals in the industrial supply chain. It is widely appreciated for its lightness, durability and corrosion resistance. We can improve Aluminum yield and performance, using specific industrial processes that enhance aluminum technical features. how to improve aluminum performance using surface treatments by Italcoat Using aluminum surface treatments we can impress specific properties – mechanical or aesthetic – on the top of the metal. The main purpose is to improve aluminum yield, extending over time the durability of the final product. In this article, we are going to focus on three aluminum surface treatments made by Italcoat. These industrial treatments are useful to improve the performance of aluminum semi-finished products for the manufacturing supply chain. (more…)