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Aluminium coating

Aluminium coating process consists of applying a lacquer to a surface to guarantee protection from external agents. Rolled aluminium products can be coated on one or both sides. This process makes aluminium more resistant against corrosion and more aesthetically pleasing.  

The benefits of using aluminium coating

Coated aluminium has excellent resistance to corrosion. For this reason it’s used in so many different fields. Italcoat supplies coated aluminium to manufacturers of cans, trays, containers and lids for the food industry; but also to manufacturers of seals for injectable products, vial caps, tear-off and pilfer-proof caps for pharma industry.

In addition, coated aluminium can be used in building industry. Italcoat uses specific coatings for aluminium installations in particularly aggressive locations (high pollution, seafront).

Our company can supply coated aluminium with hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings or if necessary, coatings can be realized with BPA N.I.A. (“Bisphenol A - Not Intentionally Added”), free of BADGE, BPF, NOGE and PVC.