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Aluminium Coil Coating

Coil coating is an industrial process used to produce precoated aluminium coils. There are different types of coatings: anodizing, paint, liquid or powder coating. This method is used to promote the use of aluminium in the most environmental conditions. For this reason application of coil coatings embraces two large industries: building and interior design.

In addition, coated aluminium can be used in food packaging to manufactures containers and cans. Coated aluminium makes trays more resistant to food with an aggressive pH or high salinity. More than this, it improves the aesthetic appeal of containers, adding personalisation capabilities and enhancing in the consumers the perception of the quality of the product.

Coil coating improves anticorrosive properties of aluminium

Italcoat manufactures coated rolled aluminium products in different alloys and dimensions, with gauges from 40 to 400 microns, for a wide range of applications. Supported by our subsidiary IPS Industrial Packaging Solution, aluminium with gauges lower than 40 microns can be lacquered, laminated or printed with the customer’s desired graphics.

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