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Aluminum Surface Treatment

The aluminum surface treatment is the righ solution to improve the performances of this material. A good aluminum surface is manufactured through different types of surface  treatments: the purpose is to improve the quality of the aluminium surface in different professional contexts. There are a lot of aluminum surface treatments, everyone gives the surface a specific kind of protection. Surface treatments give aluminium higher corrosion resistance, colour, reflectivity and much more. 


Aluminum Treatments 

These aluminum treatments give the material surface the proper efficiency in industrial applications. Italcoat has selected in its laboratory high-qualified experts with a long experience in chemical processes. We have a good know-how about all of the techniques used to improve surface quality. You can request a consultation to understand which aluminium surface treatment is the right option for your needs.


The quality assurance of Italcoat in Aluminum Pretreatment

We guarantee a product that really improves the performances in your industrial applications. Italcoat has a great group that supports it in the research of new solutions for the aluminum surface treatment, this means we are the right partner for the companies that want to invest in innovation and high performances.
The aluminum pretreatment gives your aluminium product high standards, it means that your trademark will have more appeal in the international market. Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with our service desk via the contact details available on the Website.
We will explain you the Italcoat’s strategy to make your aluminium products long-term reliable! We work every day in cooperation with the other companies of the group in order to lead the market in the direction of innovation and performance about aluminum surface treatment.