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Antimicrobial Coating for Painted Aluminum

Italcoat produces embossed and flat aluminum coated with antimicrobial lacquer to be used in HVAC systems. This innovative antimicrobial coating for painted aluminum halts the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. So, it is used in antibacterial fins for air conditioner and in foamed panels for air ventilation ducting systems. Our antimicrobial coated aluminum helps preserve the durability of your final product and the hygienic conditions of air-conditioned rooms such as surgeries, white rooms, labs and shopping malls.




Italcoat Antimicrobial Coating Manufacturing Process

Aluminum for antimicrobial coating is chemically degreased and treated with Phosphocromating or Chrome-Free pretreatment. Subsequently, our manufacturing process varies depending on the final use of your end product.


Aluminum Antimicrobial Panels

In case of antimicrobial panels for air ventilation systems, aluminum surface is lacquered on one side with a colorless bright varnish with antimicrobial effect. The other side is painted with a gold primer – other colours on demand – suitable to guarantee adhesion of PU and PIR foams. The aluminum antimicrobial panel can be supplied in flat or embossed version.


Antimicrobial Coating for HVAC

The painted aluminum for ducted air conditioning and aluminum fins for HVAC Market is coated on both sides with a colorless bright varnish with antimicrobial effect. The product is supplied in flat version.

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Technical Specification

  • Typical Alloy: 8079
  • Temper: “0” – H22 – H24
  • Resistance to UV-Rays: up to 1000 hours exposition to QUVA 340 nm 0,89 W/m2, with gloss reduction less than 30%