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Brushed Aluminum

The Brushed aluminum is obtained as the result of unidirectional polishing. The brushed aluminum’s effect allows to get a nice and clean look on your projects; we can help you to obtain it because if you want a professional result it’s wrong to make by yourself. We have studied a modern option to get quickly an high-quality brushing look on every kind of aluminium surface.


Why choose the brushed aluminum treatment for your project?

Brushed aluminum is usually used for decorative items in different industries thanks to its metallic lustre that is given by a pattern of fine lines parallel to the brushing direction. Generally the brushed aluminium can be easily damaged, but thanks to the Italcoat’manufacturing you’ll have a beautiful and sturdy aluminium surface. Brushed aluminum has many other characteristics,in particular it limits the sediments of fluids and the formation of rust.


Italcoat is specialized in the manufacturing of brushed aluminum, it is one of more required products that we produce: the brushed aluminium give the possibility to customize a lot of surfaces with an high quality material. The automotive industry is typical field that we provide with our brushed aluminum: a lot of surfaces in a modern car are made with this material to give an elegant and refined internal look.

Our company works for a b2b customers all over the world, we use high manufacturing standards, this is the reason why Italcoat is the right partner if you need a brushed aluminum supplying. We guarantee reliability and professional attention to your specific needs! In fact, the versatility of our manufacturing plant allows us to create the perfect solution for every customer.

Do you want to know more about the brushed aluminum?
Please, get in touch with us via the info available on line, we’ll explain you all the details about the brushed aluminum services that we offer to the industries.