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Brushed Aluminum

Brushed aluminum is obtained as a result of a process of unidirectional polishing. Brushed aluminum can be used to give any item a new, modern look. For this reason it is the best material to use in interior design


Why choose brushed aluminum treatment for your projects?

Brushed aluminum is usually used for decorative items in different industries thanks to its metallic lustre that is given by a pattern of fine lines parallel to the brushing direction. Generally brushed aluminium can be easily damaged, but thanks to Italcoat’ manufacturing you’ll have a beautiful and sturdy aluminium surface. Brushed aluminum has many other characteristics,in particular it limits the ability of fluid to bead on the material surface.


Italcoat is specialized in the manufacturing of brushed aluminum: it can be customized in a wide range of colours according to customer’s request. Infact brushed aluminium is also used in the interior sector as contemporary alternative to create modern and attractive interior designs. Italcoat can supply brushed aluminium coils and sheets to realize internal partitions, false ceiling, decorations.


Do you want to know more about brushed aluminum?

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