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Coated aluminium for Honeycomb

Italcoat has developed specific aluminium coils coated with adhesive lines for Honeycomb panels. Thanks to this coating, Italcoat meets the needs of Honeycomb producers: a faster and more efficient production process.

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Aluminium for Honeycomb

Aluminium is chemically degreased and pretreated to guarantee the perfect adhesion of glue. It can be supplied to produce honeycomb panels with these cells’ dimensions: 18mm, 17mm, 9,52 mm, 6,35 mm. Italcoat Honeycombs have a lot of advantages: resistance to corrosion and high compression resistance. In addition, these lightweight panels are 100% recyclable.




Applications of Honeycomb

Honeycomb panels can be used in a huge number of applications:

Automotive: impact absorption, emissions reduction

Aeronautic and Aerospace:  high mosture resistance, weight reduction

Railway: impact absorption, rigidity for internal parts

Renewable energy: high rigidity, resistance to aggressive environmental conditions

HVAC-R Systems: homogeneous air distribution

Building: lightweight and design

Naval: lightweight, resistance to aggressive environmental conditions


Technical Specification

Alloy: 3003 - 5052

Temper: H18 - H19

Thickness: from 0,05mm up to 0,10mm

Width: max 1250mm

Available glue colour: black heat-sealing

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