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Coil Coating Aluminium

Coil coating is the industrial process to coat and painting a coil of metal, in particular of aluminium. There are some operations needed to get a coated aluminium coil surface cleaned and treated. In fact, the coated aluminum coil is the result of continuous inner workings in which a precoated material is applied on rolled metal strip, this coil coating process includes operations of cleaningand chemical pre-treatment of the aluminium surface. The rolling mills transform the aluminium into the coil form, the coated aluminum coil can weigh 5-6 tons.

During the rolling process, the aluminium coil is treated with different chemical solutions which give resistant properties to the metal. Italcoat follows high standard procedures to get quality product: our machineries produce everyday a great amount of coated aluminium coil which is sent to over 40 countries in the world.

Italcoat produces high-quality coated aluminum coil thanks to modern resources and strong experience also. In about 20 years we have become one of more important coil coating manufacturers in the world. Our mission is to give customers a very reliable product which increases the value of their projects. To achieve that objective, we periodically invest in research and development of new high standards of manufacturing. Everything starts with the research of prime-quality raw material: the pure grade of aluminium is a fundamental element to get coated aluminum coil which guarantees good performances.

We are supplier for a wide range of industries: our coil coating aluminium is much valued by many automotive and building companies, which require efficient solutions with long durability. Do you want to know more about aluminium coil coating? You can get all the information on our Website or get in touch with us via the contact form. We’re a reliable coil coating companies and we are ready to become your coated aluminum supplier partner.