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Embossed aluminum

Embossed aluminum keeps the same light-weight characteristics that distinguish the aluminium in its different uses. Many industries choose the embossed aluminum to get high performances in their manufacturing process. 
The embossed aluminum can be moulded into different shapes, for example the sheets of this material allows you to create a lot of usable products. There are a lot of objects that contain some kind of embossed aluminum sheeting.
The manufacturing of this material is long and required high technical machines, Italcoat is lader in this field thanks to the innovation of its technical resources.

What our embossed aluminum gives you more than others?

Our aluminum sheets is very durable and hard to scratch, it also reduces the light-reflecting ability of the aluminium. In addition, the embossed aluminum has more appeal for your products.
Italcoat can manage the manufacturing of embossed aluminum embossed aluminum in line with the customer’s experience.
Our company guarantees high quality standard for every manufacturing process, the company is certified by international institutions guaranteeing about the qualities performances.
Italcoat is part of companies group that provides his services in over 40 countries, we want to show you the reasons of our leadership, so for more informations connect to the website or get in touch with us via the contact details available online.