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Coated aluminium with hydrophilic lacquer

Italcoat supplies coated aluminium with a new high performance hydrophilic lacquer to manufacturers of alu fins for heat exchangers. Aluminium is vanished with a highly innovative hydrophilic lacquer, specifically developed to increase corrosion resistance and to limit condensation.




Product description

Italcoat can provide aluminium foil chemically degreased and pretreated, lacquered both sides with a very thin layer of hydrophilic lacquer. This one has a lot of advantages: hydrophilic lacquer preserves the initial properties even after ageing. In fact it can resist two hours at 200°C without any problem. In addition, alu fins have excellent mechanical properties in the deep drawing process.

Italcoat Hydrophilic Lacquered 

Italcoat's coating product used for this material is water-based. It doesn't contain harmful chemical compounds in its formula, such as formaldehyde. If you want more info about our hydrophilic lacquered aluminium, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Technical Specification

Typical Alloy: 8079

Temper: H22 – H24

Available colours: light blue