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Coated aluminium with hygroscopic lacquer

Italcoat produces coated aluminium with hygroscopic lacquer, ideal for the manufacture of energy recovery rotors. Hygroscopic lacquer makes products more resistant to corrosion caused by humid environment, e.g. in marine environment. In addition it limits the bacteria formation and it’s free of Silica Gel, source of bad smell.





Product description 

Aluminium is chemically degreased and lacquered on both sides with an innovative hygroscopic formulation (Hygrosieve®), developed by Italcoat R&D Department. Hygrosieve® offers many advantages: good adhesion on the aluminium surface without pulverization, selective adsorption of water moisture with the exclusion of pollutants, chance to add biocide additive to the formulation.

Thanks to the Molecular Sieve effect, the hygroscopic lacquer (Hygrosieve®) improves the rotors performance in terms of selective vapor adsorption/desorption.





Hygroscopic meaning

The coated aluminium with hygroscopic lacquer, absorbs moisture from the air. The hygroscopic lacquer reduces ventilation system's energy consumption.

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Technical Specification 

  • Typical Alloy: 3003
  • Temper: H18 – H19