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Lacquered aluminum

Italcoat, founded in 1993, is specialized in lacquered aluminum production. Aluminium lacquering is a particular treatment that makes aluminium ideal for pharmaceutical packaging and industrial applications. In addition, lacquered aluminum is used in air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment: heat exchangers, radiators and condensers with a high energetic efficiency and resistance to humidity and corrosion. Our foil ensures deep-drawing performances, so our clients can produce complex forms with a remarkable operational efficiency.

There are many types of lacquered aluminum with different functions

Italcoat provides coated aluminium with hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings to increase corrosion resistance and to limit condensation. In addition, lacquered aluminum improves the aesthetics of the product. Our society supplies coated material on one or both sides, meeting all the European and national food laws and regulations. Coating could be realized with BPA N.I.A. (“Bisphenol A - Not Intentionally Added”), free of BADGE, BPF, NOGE and PVC.

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