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Lacquered aluminum

The lacquered aluminium is an example about the possibilities of coating this material to increase its durability and its look. The technique of lacquering prevents corrosion and oxidation, in this way your product will be more attractive on the market. There are many types of lacquered aluminum with different functions: for example in the food industry it is used to prevent food contact with the aluminum.

The majority part of lacquered aluminum tecniques are designed for increasing the strength and tear resistance of the aluminum, this is very useful in contexts where the reliability of the products is essential. Italcoat guarantees lacquered aluminum with high performances thanks to a modern manufacturing plant: we are able to product different solutions about colors, format, shapes and sizes of lacquered aluminum. Whatever is your business, we can check the right option that makes you more competitive on the market.

The lacquered aluminum is the result of different working phases that start with cleaning the surface and finish with lacquering treatment. Every phase is necessary to give aluminium more resistance against weathering conditions or other possible risks. Lacquering aluminum is one of the most used way to get high performance from aluminium, for this reason our company has invested in specific resources thanks to which we can guarantee the best solutions for our customers. Do you want to know more about the lacquered aluminum? It’s enough to get in touch with us through the contact details available on our Website!

The Italcoat Staff will explain you all of the advantages lacquered aluminum will gives your product. We are ready to improve the quality of your professional applications with the performances of lacquered aluminum! Many companies in different industries have already invested in lacquered aluminum, find out now the possibilities about your business growth!