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Nano-Coated Aluminium

Italcoat supplies coated aluminium with a nanotech-based lacquer to manufacturers of alu fins for heat exchangers. Aluminium is vanished with a highly innovative NanoTech-based lacquer, specifically developed to increase corrosion resistance and to limit condensation.




Product description


Italcoat can provide aluminium foil chemically degreased and pre-treated, coated on both sides with a very thin layer of nanotech-based lacquer. This product makes surface oleophobic because residues of lubricant are easily removed, and hydrophobic because aluminium repel water and droplets are observed to slide off the surface. In addition this lacquer can resist one minute at 300°C without any discoloration thanks to its inorganic composition.





Nano-Coated Aluminium Fins


Nano-Coated Aluminium Fins have a high corrosion resistance up to 5000 hours of exposition to neutral salt spray fog following ASTM B117 norm. More than this, alu fins have a very smooth surface, a high resistance against atmospheric dust and good mechanical properties in the deep drawing process.

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Technical Specification


  • Typical Alloy: 8079
  • Temper: H22 – H24
  • Resistance to UV-Rays: up to 3000 hours exposition to QUVA 340 nm 0,89 W/m2, with gloss reduction less than 3%