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Approved Exporter

Approved Exporter
2016, September 21

Italcoat has achieved from the Customs Agency the status of Approved Exporter.


What are the requirements?

The essential requirements in order to achieve the status are:

- Frequent international shipments

- Offer satisfying guarantees to verify the originating status of the products


What are the advantages of being an Approved Exporter?

The status of Approved Exporter brings many benefits to both Italcoat and its Customers:

- Avoid the necessity to issue the Movement Certificate Eur1 or ATP with a consequent saving of time and money for the release

- More shipment efficiency. The registrant does not have to verify if the declaration of preferential origin has been regularly carried out. This brings a significant efficiency in customs operations

- Improved relationship with Customers, who often require the status as mandatory