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Polymeric Coating

Polymeric Coating is a process which protects aluminium from corrosion. It can be used in different fields of work.

Italcoat can supply standard coils and sheets with a polymeric coating. In addition, our society can provide coated aluminium with hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings, even highly innovative Nanotech-based lacquers, to increase corrosion resistance and to limit condensation. Polymeric Coating, as well as lacquering process, can improve product aesthetics. For this reason polymeric coating is often used in interior design.  

Polymeric Coating is very resistant to heat

Italcoat can supply coated products to satisfy customers’ most diverse requirements. If it’s necessary we can provide chemical degreasing and pre-treatment that guarantee the perfect adhesion of coating, an absolute surface cleanliness and absence of odour.

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